Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From a dear friend

At the beginning of summer, I met a man on one of those singles web sites. We knew that there was no physical attraction there (on my side anyway) but we formed a very nice friendship. The other day, I changed my facebook profile picture and he decided to write the following about my smile. Talk about making a girl melt. He is a muscian and likes to dable in poetry. I just wanted to share.

Inside of her Smile

I remember thinking of a woman I know
There was something about her, a hidden glow
Not as I see her on any given day
But a portrait she showed me, her smile gave away
This smile was real and not one in jest
The sparkling eyes, I was so impressed
Emitting a radiance where truth can take hold
No Woman is absent, no Woman too old
Determined then, in my mind to set free
This wonderful secret I thought I could see
Perhaps this is part of all Woman I've known
If sadness is hindered, then innocence is shown
Then suddenly it came to me, it came in a flash
In every face feature and every eye lash
For if you look deeper, you'll see its worthwhile
There still lives that little girl, inside of her smile

Robert Wood January 26th, 2009


Tink said...

So sweet!

Adaora A. said...

Wow...I've always had a thing for musicians. Maybe because I'm one (for fun that is) myself. Did he play it on a guitar too (I love mine)? Beautiful words.